Training sessions are held in the large multipurpose room at the University Sports Centre on the West Cambridge site.

Due to space limitations and the size of our membership, training sessions are divided up by ability into either Advanced (subdivided into Development and Elite), Intermediate or Beginner. These pages outline the sessions we run and who should attend which, although some movement between sessions as we get to know new fencers and they get to know the Club and progress is bound to happen.

Anybody who has fenced competitively before and wishes to do so at Cambridge should attend the Development sessions, unless specifically invited to the Elite sessions. We ask that social fencers or those with only limited previous experience attend the Intermediate sessions, and those who have not fenced before or not more than a handful of times please attend the Beginner sessions. More details on all of these sessions can be found by clicking the relevant tab below.

Advanced Sessions

These sessions are open to members of both the Elite and the Development groups. The idea is to provide valuable diversity of training and sparring. Some of the Advanced sessions will be split by weapons in order to allow for the increased numbers in each weapon, so there are Advanced sessions on the schedule marked as either ‘Foil/Epee’ or ‘Sabre’. The Sunday Advanced sparring is open to all 3 weapons.

Elite Sessions

These sessions are strictly by invitation only and are intended to provide intense training for athletes who compete at international or Blues level, with lessons and other structured training provided by world class coaches. Some fencers will also be invited to help provide challenging sparring for these athletes.

Development Sessions

These sessions are intended to provide quality training which will be of benefit to competitive fencers with a good amount of previous experience, and are aimed at any members of one of our four teams (Men’s and Women’s Firsts and Seconds) who are not involved in the Elite sessions as well as any fencers who are actively competing outside Cambridge, who have done, or who wish to do so. A well-qualified, highly-regarded external coach and lessons will be available to members of this group, as well as structured footwork and other training.


If you have come to Cambridge with a large amount of competitive experience or have competed internationally, and are ambitious to fence on our hugely successful Blues teams, then please email the relevant captain (Men’s or Women’s) directly – their details are on the contact page. There will also be opportunities for those who attend the Development sessions in the first instance to be selected for any of our 1sts or 2nds teams and it will be possible for some fencers to move from the Development group into the Elite group, at the discretion of the Captains and coaches. For more details on the teams and team selection see the teams page.

Training Times

The first Advanced session will be 19:30-21:55 on Wednesday 5th October (the Sabre only Advanced session will commence the following week), the first Elite session Thursday 6th October.

  • Thursdays

    16:00-18:25: Open Club

    19:30-21:55: Team Training

  • Saturdays

    8:00-10:30: Blues Training

    12:30 - 14:30: Open Club

    17:00-17:55: TTR

  • Sundays

    10:30-13:25: Open Club

Strength and Conditioning Training

Strength and conditioning sessions are available in the University Sports Centre Team Training Room on Mondays, 07:30-08:30, and Saturdays, 17:00-18:00. Places are limited and priority will be given to team members. Please email the Men’s or Women’s 1st Team Captain if you would like to attend if there is space.

Membership Fees

The membership fees for each group depends on the amount of training time and club equipment use allocated to each group. Information about the fees and how to pay will be sent round via email soon after the freshers fair.

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